POV shot of a motorcyclist taking a turn on a country road

The 5 Most Shocking Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Washington State law mandates that all motorcyclists wear a helmet at all times while riding, which provides some mild protection for your head. However, it is still possible to sustain a head injury while wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle accidents are almost always tragic. Motorcyclists have no protection whatsoever from outside forces.

Here are the five most shocking motorcycle accident statistics you should know about:

The Statistics

#1 - In 1966, the motorcycle accident fatality rate was three times higher than it is today.

In order to address the issues presented on America’s roadways, Congress established the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Bureau in 1970.

#2 - In 2019, motorcycle accident fatalities decreased by 0.5%.

While 0.5% may not seem like a significant number of lives saved, any decrease in traffic fatalities is a win for human lives. When the crash data for 2020 has been completed, an even more significant decline in lives lost is expected.

#3 - There were 5,014 lives lost in the U.S. as a result of motorcycle accidents in 2019.

The number of injury-sustaining wrecks far outweighs the number of fatalities.

#4 - In Washington State, there were 91 motorcyclist fatalities during 2019.

This is a 12% increase in motorcyclist fatalities compared to 2018.

#5 - In the U.S. during 2018, there were 79,000 reported injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents.

The majority—42,000—of these accidents occurred with other motor vehicles in transit.

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