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Tacoma, WA - Injuries After Transit Bus Crashes into Yard at Thompson Ave & 37th St

Blogs from July, 2021


Tacoma, WA (July 27, 2021) - There were confirmed injuries following a traffic accident involving a transit bus in the Tacoma area on Monday, July 26.

The incident reportedly occurred near the intersection of S. Thompson Avenue and S. 37th Street and was reported that evening at around 10:49 p.m. A pickup truck reportedly collided with a bus at the scene. The impact caused the bus to crash into the yard of a local residence.

At least one person involved was transported to a local hospital for the treatment of sustained injuries. The severity of the related injuries has not been revealed at this time. No further updates on the incident have been provided at this time.

An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is being handled by local law enforcement officials. Additional details will be made public as it continues.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Transit Bus Accidents in Tacoma WA

truckIn the case of a collision with a large transit bus, significant casualties might result, and Seattle has an especially high rate of incidents involving transit buses. According to national data, an estimated 63,000 buses of all sorts are involved in accidents each year, with the majority of them being school buses. Approximately 14,000 of these collisions result in injury, and 325 of these result in death. Every year, around 50 bus passengers are killed in bus accidents. After a serious accident involving a transit bus, injured parties should contact a qualified Tacoma personal injury attorney to discuss their right to lost compensation.

If you were hurt in a car accident caused by a careless driver, you have the right to bring a negligence claim to recover compensation for your injuries. Anyone driving in Washington, including those operating transit buses, must use reasonable caution and follow the state's traffic laws, but sadly, many motorists fail to do so, resulting in tragic collisions. Failure to observe these standards may be construed as negligence, giving rise to a claim for lost damages and the entitlement to compensation on behalf of the injured person.

For individuals without legal experience, pursuing a personal injury claim in Washington may be a lengthy and grueling process, but you don't have to do it alone. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Tacoma can help you get the greatest amount of compensation possible under the law.

A professional Tacoma bus accident lawyer can assist injured persons in defending their legal rights by submitting a claim for damages like medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering following an accident. Dore Law Group has extensive expertise representing accident victims in the Seattle and Tacoma areas, and our lawyers are capable of handling almost any type of personal injury case in Washington.

If you have been harmed in a car accident caused by a careless driver, contact a Washington personal injury lawyer at (253) 236-3888 immediately to explore your case.

Note: Our law firm uses secondary sources to create this post. These outside sources include but are not limited to local news media outlets, local police reports, state police bulletins, social media outlets, and eyewitness accounts about serious accidents that take place in Kent, Tacoma, and Seattle. We do not verify all of the facts surrounding each accident, therefore, if you locate any information that is not correct, let us know, and we will correct our post to reflect the most accurate information available.

Disclaimer: The Dore Law Group has taken pride in providing high-quality legal representation for our clients. We write these posts to bring awareness to our fellow Washingtonians about the dangers associated with driving. We want to provide basic information about what to do if you happen to be involved in an accident. We want to remind drivers to slow down and use an abundance of caution when operating a motor vehicle. This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. None of the information provided in this post is intended to be legal or medical advice. The picture used in this post was not taken at this accident scene.