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How to Prep Your Car for the Summer

While it may seem unnecessary to do extra maintenance for your vehicle at the end of each season, doing so can help you avoid costly repairs later on down the road.

Read on to learn what you should do to prepare your car for the summer months.

Steps to Take

  • Check the air conditioner. You don’t want to get caught without air conditioning on a hot day. It’s a good idea to test out your air conditioner before you need it, or before you head out on a long road trip. If it seems as if the air isn’t as cool as it should be, you may need more refrigerant.
    • It’s wise to replace your air filters regularly to keep your air conditioner running properly. In addition, fresh air filters improve your car’s air quality.
  • Take a peek under the hood. Be sure to do this when your engine is cool so that you don’t burn yourself. You’ll want to explore what’s going on under the hood of your car to check for any loose or cracked hoses.
    • Keep an eye out for the rubber components—hoses and belts—to make sure they’re not warped or frayed. Make sure that all caps are tight and unbroken. There shouldn’t be any debris blocking anything.
    • You don’t want there to be any leaks. Check under the hood as well as on the ground beneath your vehicle for leaking fluids. Colorful or oily liquids can be a bad sign and warrant a trip to the mechanic.
  • Check the battery. Have your battery tested at your local auto shop to see how much life it has left. Warmer temperatures can take a toll on your battery, so it’s wise to do this before you begin having issues.
  • Check out the tires. When the temperature changes, your car’s tire pressure fluctuates. When the pressure is above or below the recommended measurement, your car is less fuel-efficient. Additionally, your tires may wear unevenly, which means you’ll need to replace them sooner. It’s wise to have your tires rotated and balanced regularly for better gas mileage as well as improved vehicular handling.
  • Keep an eye on the radiator temperature. You’ll want to make sure your radiator has enough coolant. Regularly monitor your vehicle’s temperature by checking the temperature gauge on your dashboard to make sure it’s not running too hot.
    • In a pinch, you can turn on your heater in order to pull heat away from your engine. If your engine is running too hot, it may mean that you have a leak or that your coolant level is too low. It’s wise to keep a bottle of coolant in your car, just in case.
  • Have your oil changed regularly. You should always change your oil according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual, however, it should be changed more frequently when you’re driving in demanding elements. Check your car’s oil level often, particularly if you’re going on a road trip.
  • Change your windshield wipers. Winter conditions can take a major toll on your windshield wipers, which is why it’s a good idea to change them before you need them again. Take a look at your wipers by lifting the arm to inspect the bottom edge. Make sure it’s still flat and in one piece. If they make a chattering sound or leave streaks, replace them.
  • Overhaul your emergency kit. The last thing you want is to be caught in an emergency situation unprepared. Make sure everything in your safety kit is unexpired and up-to-date. You should include the following in your kit:
    • Flashlight
    • Warning triangles
    • Blanket
    • Pressure gauge
    • First-aid supplies
    • Lightsticks
    • Water in BPA-free containers
    • Granola bars or other snacks
    • Freeze-dried food
    • Jack
    • Jumper cables
    • Spare tire
  • In addition, it’s not a bad idea to keep the following extra supplies in your vehicle:
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Battery-operated radio
    • Air-pump
    • Fix-a-flat kit

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