Busy road with cars and a motorcycle at dawn

This Is What You Can Do to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents as a Motorist

As you know, motorcycles are far more dangerous than their closed-vehicle counterparts. When motorcyclists are involved in collisions, the result is never pretty.

Luckily, there are steps you can take as a passenger car driver to help make the roads safer for motorcyclists and everyone else on the road!

Here are some tips:

Eliminate Distractions

Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents. It can be difficult at times, but it’s in everyone’s best interest that you keep your phone stowed away while you’re behind the wheel.

Use Your Passengers’ Eyes and Ears

If you have passengers in the vehicle with you, ask them to point out any motorcyclists they spot. This can be a good way to stay aware of nearby bikers.

Give Bikers More Time and Space

Motorcycles don’t operate in the same way that cars do, so they may need more time and space than you think they do. Never tailgate a motorcyclist, and don’t cut them off. Doing so is more than just an annoyance—it’s extremely dangerous for these open-air riders.

Slow Down Through Intersections

Intersections are dangerous for a number of reasons. Do yourself and everyone nearby a favor: slow down when crossing through intersections. Motorcycles can be tough to spot, so don’t approach intersections at high speeds.

Don’t Count on a Motorcycle’s Turn Signals

As you know, it’s not always easy to see flashing turn signals on vehicles during the day. This is especially true on motorcycles. Pay more attention to the actions of the biker than their equipment signals.

Keep Your Music Low

Listening to music is just fine, but if it impedes your ability to hear a nearby motorcycle, it may be turned up too loud.

Crack a Window

By rolling your window down slightly, you’ll have a stronger ability to hear any motorcycles around you, even if you have the music turned on.

Motorcycle accidents are almost always serious in nature. If you’ve been in one, you may be owed compensation. Let us see if we can help you recover it.

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