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What is the Tacoma Streets Initiative?

Blogs from May, 2022

Tacoma, Washington bridge with snowy mountains in the background

If you’ve been around the Tacoma area for a while, you know how congested the roads through the city can get.

There have been ample improvements over the years, and road construction continues to try and make the Tacoma commute easier and more pleasant for all road users.

The Tacoma Streets Initiative is a road maintenance program that was passed by voters in 2015 and started in 2016. It is aimed at improving Tacoma’s roads.

Read on to learn more about this initiative.

Tacoma Streets Initiative

The Tacoma Streets Initiative will receive $325 million in funding over time, which will come from various sources including a tax increase that is set to expire after 10 years.

The Initiative maintains streets in a number of ways. Projects and plans are developed to heighten the transportation infrastructure for all road users.

The goal of the Initiative is to maintain 70% of Tacoma’s residential streets or 6,000 blocks.

You can view funding and see where projects are happening around the city by visiting

This summer, prepare for certain city streets to be repaved.

If your road has received maintenance through the Tacoma Streets Initiative, the city wants to hear your feedback. Click here to take the Tacoma Initiative Streets survey.

Road Work Can Be Dangerous

While improvements to the roadways are a good thing, they can take a long time to conclude and the construction elements can get in the way of the flow of traffic.

When this happens, it is relatively easy for accidents to occur. If you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault as a result of road work or for any other reason, you may be owed compensation for your losses.

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