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Rain & Ice: Driving Safely in the Winter

With the arrival of winter comes the holidays, hot cocoa, and time with family. Unfortunately, December also brings ice, rain, and frigid temperatures.

The cold is more than a nuisance, as unprepared drivers in these weather conditions can cause debilitating personal injuries. Therefore, we should work hard to care for our vehicles and drive smart, especially in the wintertime.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Caring for a vehicle in the winter should start with the tires. You need to make sure you have a set of chains handy for icy roads. Chains help your car gain traction, preventing it from sliding around on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, consider purchasing new tires if it’s been a while since you last changed them, especially if your car doesn’t offer four-wheel drive. Old car parts can crack from salt and ice, so make sure the essentials are stable and secure before taking to the streets.

A good ice scraper is a must when it comes to winter vehicle accessories. Additionally, a good shovel and rope can make all the difference if you find yourself stuck in a ditch.

Driving in Bad Weather

Following the speed limit is important, but in rainy conditions, slowing down is not only understandable, it’s the law. When facing heavy rainfall, drive slowly to ensure your lack of visibility doesn’t result in an accident. If visibility gets too low, it’s wise to pull over and wait out the storm.

If and when you hit black ice, here’s what you need to do:

  • Foot off the brake;
  • Foot off the gas
  • Keep the steering wheel straight.

If you start skidding towards something dangerous, try to pump the brakes (tap the brakes quickly) in an effort to stop yourself.

Injured by Another Driver?

If you or a loved one is injured by another driver due to his or her negligence, you may have the right to just compensation. Our Kent personal injury attorneys can help you seek justice for your case.

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